Love Banishes Fear

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Love Banishes Fear

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Now ...

It's up to you and me.
Be the Eye of the Storm
Everything is consciousness.
Matter is illusion.
What we "see" is what we get.
Consciousness is energy influenced by thought, intention.
We can take the game by the power of our consciousness.
Realize that our programming keeps them in control.
We are fueling the matrix with the power of our programmed consciousness.
We do control our consciousness.
We ARE sovereign or we yield our sovereignty to others. Our choice.
We can use negativity consciously. We can turn it. Turn scary things around.
See things in their beauty and splendor rather than as being destroyed.
Visualize earth healed, in all her beauty, splendor and abundance.
See ourselves as free, sovereign and loving.
See what we wish to see, not the ongoing destruction others want us to see.

We are spiritual beings having physical experiences.
We are all related. We are all connected. In time, all shall be one.
Separation is but an illusion.

Love raises energy levels.
Sometimes it seems easier to love an enemy than to love a friend.
In theory, to love another is to desire their highest good.
In action, to love another is to allow them to be and
do whatever they choose whether we like it or not. 

Thoughts are things. Mind is the builder. We train the mind.
We create our own destiny. We are our destiny.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
To have peace, be peaceful.
Love is Light.
Truth makes us free.
Change can be chaos or progress. It is our choice.
Fear, anger, doubt are stumbling blocks
  which must be turned into stepping stones.
The easiest way to change another is to change myself.
 Sometimes the easiest way around an obstacle is to go right through the middle.

If I think I can't, I'm right.  If I think I can, I'm right.