Love Banishes Fear

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More thoughts ...

We are challenged to live in the present while remembering the past and seeing the future.

Remember to stay in the Eye of the Storm.  And touch the face of God.

I am better than I think I am but I still have a ways to go.

We promised to wake up. Promises made, promises kept.

  We are born into this world again and again in order to learn our chosen lessons, to achieve balance, to evolve. Reincarnating teaches our personalities to speak as souls as each personality becomes one with Soul. Remember, however, to be born again, we must first die.

Do not mourn the opportunity for rebirth. Understand and be joyful.

Our goal on Earth is to live in Organized Chaos, civilly, with duties, responsibilities and obligations, continuous action and reaction. What really matters is our degree of intent and how we follow through. We have been, however, living in Disorganized Chaos, uncivilly.
How do we get from here to there?

We are what we are until we see fit to be otherwise.


Christmas 2012


Now, once again, we celebrate

The birth of one we imitate.

To live in peace and joy each day,

He came to Earth to show the way.

To walk in love without any fear,

Remembering that God is near,

Knowing fear blocks light and love here,

Light and love yet banishes fear.


Remembering that we are one

We dance, sing and play in the Sun

Our journey shared with Planet Earth,

Remembering all she is worth.

Thankful each day for all that is,

Brothers and sisters, we are His,

The Creator's Star born children are we

Experiencing what it is to be.


Daily, sharing joy and sorrow,

We live today, not tomorrow.

Pretending and imagining,

All that we wish for, and watching

In wonder, as it comes to be,

We create our reality.

For thoughts are things, and it must be

That what we think is what we see.


Wishing for peace and brotherhood,

Be peaceful for the common good.

Forsake war, violence and greed,

and take care of each other's need.

The past we have seen and learned from.

The future seen is yet to come.

It is today that we must live.               

It is all that we have to give.


To live today is to live in the NOW.

Am I hearing somebody asking "How?"

To live Now is to live in the moment,

Grateful for all blessings and enjoyment.

Living NOW is to be all I can be,

Aware of the oneness of all in me.

One becomes two so that two may be one,

Wonder of Creator and Creation.