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M'heakannuck Nations at Nu Schodack

The M'heakannuck Nations at Nu Schodack are related multi-generational families whose ancesters lived in the northeastern United States prior to the European influx in the 1600s, especially in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.
We are still here.

The family of the Sagamore Michael J. D'Amico, part of the Tunxis, returned to Manhattan, the Bronx and other parts of New York City from Farmington, CT in the 1920s.

Some of the ancestors joined relatives in Farmington as a result of the "Dutch Wars" which began with the 1643 Pavonia Massacre  near the present intersection of Pine Street and Johnston Avenue, Jersey City during the term of the New Amsterdam Governor, Willem Kieft. 

The people in Farmington, CT originated with the migration of Esopus families [formerly a branch of the Munsee] from the Esopus River and families of the M'hican proper, both from what was then Nu Schodack and is now Kingston, NY region,  prior to the peace making efforts of the Haudenesaunee. They were called Tunxis or Watunxis Esopus in the Treaty of Farmington of 1640 and included familes from 34 different nations at that time including the Six Nations.  

Other families are located in northwestern Connecticut [the 4 Sisters], Hartford, CT [Luc-Luc band], eastern Massachusetts, the Greater New York Metropolitan region, Syracuse, Maine, Florida, and the West Coast.   

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Check out: Henry Hudson and the Algonquins of New York, by Evan Pritchard

on Native American Prophecy and European Discovery.
Contains information about the M'hicanuk and other indigenous people never before written down.