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Medicine Pauwau

          A Gathering in the Spirit of the Elders in the Algonquin Tradition.

Traditionally, a gathering of the entire village, called by the Pauwau [medicine person], after consultation with the Sagamore and other village leaders, considering planetary alignments, moon phase, etc.  Primary purpose is to improve the health [mental, physical, emotional and spiritual] of the people, individually, and as a group. It usually lasts about 10 ten days. It includes morning and afternoon discussions, and an evening feast followed by drumming and dancing. 

The last such gathering some of us in the East attended was a multi-day reunion in Wisconsin in the summer of 2015, called by the Stockbridge Munsee under the leadership of Molly Miller with their medicine person of Tunxis ancestry.

In current times, we have a one-two day participatory gathering of like minded people focusing on indigenous traditional practices for living together in harmony, cooperation, and mutual sovereignty, respecting self, each other, and Mother Earth, sharing our gifts with our neighbors and in the bounty of Earth.  There is ceremony, discussions, demonstrations, drumming and dancing, food, items for purchase, singing, story telling, etc.