Love Banishes Fear

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Gitchie Manitou

Love Banishes Fear

 This is one of the many names indigenous use in speaking of and addressing the consciousness of creation, the prime consciousness of all that is.

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Gitchie Manitou

Great Spirit, we give thanks, we give thanks for all

We give thanks for Mother Earth and Father Sky,

For the four leggeds who walk with us

For the winged ones and many legged ones who beautify our life

For the thunder beings who bring the rain

For the cloud beings who paint our skies

For all who cross our path in our daily walk

Gitchie Manitou, may we always remember

where we have come from and where we are going.

May we always remember that we are all part of the Creator.

And, as parts of the Creator, we are all one.

And may we remember that to have peace, we must first be peaceful.

Wanisi do.


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