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Earth Star - Changing Human Institutions, The Whole is the Sum of its Parts, It is up to us, Rejoice

Earth Star

Stars are souls much the same way as humans but with a different material body. The Earth Star is a beautiful soul of fifth dimensional energy levels. However, the activities of the humans she hosts have reduced her physical energy to lower third dimensional levels.

Earth has been a gracious host over the eons, putting up with much which has caused her suffering and sorrow, However, in the late 1930s, she saw that there were plans to make and detonate a super bomb to instill fear in the entire global population [for the purpose of control through fear] and she decided enough was enough. She cried our for help. Her plea was answered by the Creator and Creation. Beings from all over the Universe and beyond began sending Light to Earth to raise her energy levels and of the those living with her. Groups came to this galaxy to refocus the Light as it neared Earth so it would reach its destination. Others have worked to deflect the effects of negative energies being directed towards Earth by the shadow riders and the dark one.

Shadow riders are beings of the dark who live off fear. Light dispels fear and the dark. So, as the Light raises the energy levels on Earth Star, the shadow riders find it increasingly difficult to operate here. And it is harder and harder for them to remain here. It will soon be impossible. They know this, yet in their fear, they have increased their negative actions in order to take as many humans with them as possible as they depart.

So, it is absolutely necessary that we stay in the calm that is the "eye of the storm". Negativity cannot exist in the higher dimensions. As the energy levels of Earth increase, negative energies must be released and cleared. This is experienced as storms. We must stay in the "eye of the storm", stay out of fear, for fear blocks the Light. Fear blocks the absorption of Light. We must absorb the Light so that we can remain on the Earth Star. By staying in the "eye of the storm", we allow our energy levels to increase daily as we transform our bodies into 4th and 5th dimensional vehicles to continue our journey with the Earth Star.

Changing Human Institutions

As the energy levels continue to rise on the Earth Star, we become increasingly aware that the structures we have established to govern the ways we interact must change. This shows up in various ways. Perhaps the most easily recognizable is popularly known as "Occupy", as in "Occupy Wall Street." Another way, more slow moving and less 'in your face", are efforts within the system to change the system. One such effort is the Haudenosaunee decision to be peaceful. This began well before the European mass migration to North America, even before the Seven Fires prophecy foretelling the European influx in the early 1600s. This began with the Haudenosaunee becoming peaceful within themselves. It then expanded to include being peaceful with their neighbors, leading eventually to the "Covenant Chain". The current expression of this effort is the Onondaga Nation's Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign. []

The Onondaga's expressed purpose is stated in the beginning of the Onondaga Nation's Land Rights action which is moving through the Courts: "The Onondaga People wish to bring about a healing between themselves and all others who live in this region that has been the homeland of the Onondaga Nation since the dawn of time. The Nation and its people have a unique spiritual, cultural, and historic relationship with the land, which is embodied in Gayanashagowa, the Great Law of Peace. ... The Onondaga Nation brings this action on behalf of its people in the hope that it may hasten the process of reconciliation and bring lasting justice, peace, and respect among all who inhabit the area."

The Two Row Wampum Belt is a treaty between indigenous Americans, people of the "Covenant Chain", and the Dutch in 1613 which is a commitment to living in peace and friendship forever, meaning sustainably. The Onondagas are the keepers of this belt.
A symbolic enactment of the treaty, with Haudenosaunee and other native people paddling side-by-side with supporters down the Hudson River, the M'heakannituck, will begin in Albany on July 28, 2013 and end in New York City on August 9. The cooperation of people of various cultural backgrounds working in the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign is helping us to change ourselves to be more in harmony with each other, the Earth Star, and all of Creation and the Creator.

For more information on the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, go to

                                                                                                             The Whole is the Sum of its Parts

We have the right to walk whatever path we choose, whether it be one along which many have traveled, or where there is yet no path at all, so that the whole can truly be the sum of its parts.

Earth has completely transitioned into fourth dimension. The rules of three dimensional living no longer apply to those dwelling in Earth. However, the rules we live under are those which are collectively accepted, consciously and otherwise, so we will continue to exist physically as if we are in a three dimensional world until we collectively decide differently.

Optimistic estimates are that it will take about a hundred solar years to reinvent our selves into a wonderful fourth dimensional society. However, it is also thought possible that we will make great strides in removing most of the negatives aspects of our three dimensional society in about 10 years.

      It is up to us.

The dark ones have left. The shadow riders can no longer exist on the Earth Star. However, there are those humans, joined with the dark, who are still trying to live as before, not realizing that they cannot.

The expression of this has many faces. One is the attempt by Canadian authorities to do away with recognized indigenous rights, undermining previous efforts at working in a respectful partnership with Earth, by gutting laws designed to protect the environment for future generations and allowing greed to rule instead. Another is those in leadership roles seeking to pass laws and reinforce practices which continue to disrespect human rights of sovereignty, self government, and freedom of choice while simultaneously respecting the rights of others. "Stop and search" because of one's skin, ignoring the true root of violence, and closed door deals are old fear based ways.

And there are many responses from we who are awakening to the light. Many are realizing that truth is becoming more clear. Some are rethinking priorities. Others are shifting viewpoints, the way things are seen, where we're coming from. Still others are looking around to see how we may help our neighbor.

The fast of Chief Theresa Spence of the Attawapiskat First Nation, in response to Canada's recent legislative actions, follows an ancient Algonkian way of taming the physical to be more in harmony with Spirit.

There is the "Idle No More" movement, sweeping though Native American and other communities, in union with Chief Theresa, with peaceful gatherings and Flash Dances. Dancing honors Earth and strengthens our connection with her. The drum beats in sync with Mother Earth's heart and song carries our spirits ever higher as we join with our Mother and each other in this sacred journey we call life.

There is the West Point cadet who resigned in his fourth year because the military prefers its personnel to join a recognized, controlling, religion rather than explore their relationship with all that is in their own unique way.

There is the Onondaga Nation's Two Row Wampum Treaty Renewal Campaign. The Two Row Wampum belt embodies the walking of peoples side by side, respecting each other's right to chose the way best suited for the purposes of each on their journey. The Onondaga seek to honor Mother Earth, particularly Lake Onondaga which is badly polluted, as well as the surrounding area, and desire to restore Earth to her original healthy and pristine condition with the help of their neighbors, some of whom have formed the Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation [NOON] for this purpose. At a recent hearing of the Onondaga's land claim action, a Judge was heard to say: "If the truth is disruptive, it is not allowed." Do we accept this? Why?

Some may wonder why so many things happening appear to be at cross purposes. This is to hasten the awakening of many who still sleep. This to hasten change to a better world for us all.

     Rejoice .....

There is great cause for rejoicing as we begin 2013, the Age of Aquarius and the fifth age of the world as described in the Mayan calendar. As winter began in 2012, the Earth Star received a boost of light which enabled her to move completely into fourth dimension. The energy level of all who dwell on the Earth Star has also been increased, enabling many to stay who may not otherwise have been able to do so, for one's energy must be compatible for one to physically exist in an environment.      

The dark ones left some time ago, but not all those who follow their ways, so we must deal with this by sending these light and love.  We must also eliminate the ways we have adopted to survive under the dominance of the dark ones.  And, now we can set about rebuilding our society to be more in conformity with our ideals of peace, brotherly love, and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Many have come to Earth for the sole purpose of helping at this turning point in Creation and in the next several years, many will leave the Earth Star. Some will return to their families and loved ones on distant worlds. Others feel they can do more if they are no longer in physical bodies. Still others have taken advantage of the opportunity afforded by the last days of three dimensional life on Earth and came for only a little while. We are not to mourn their leaving but be happy for them as they continue their journey. As we become accustomed to fourth dimensional living, we will be better able to communicate with our loved ones who have left physical existence on the Earth Star for we are becoming aware that time and space are three dimensional illusions, as well as the concept of "separation".

We, who continue to remain with Earth, do so by choice. This is a time of getting rid of the bad habits of apathy, greed, hate, indifference, violence, war and all that is negative and to begin establishing a just, loving and peaceful society. This will require great effort and much hard work. We have agreed to take on this task as Earth continues on her way into the fifth dimension.

Willing hands and hearts make it easy.