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Earth Changes

Love Banishes Fear

Written in 2012-2013

Healing with Mother Earth, Illusions, Reacting to Changes, Peace, Light and Light's Effects

Healing with Mother Earth

Negativity must be removed from Earth before we completely move into the fourth and fifth dimensions.  Naturally occurring storms and upheavals clear areas of negative energy, replacing it with higher energy vibrations. The recent Hurricane Sandy was a necessary cleansing of lower energies in certain areas in New York and New Jersey, particularly Wall Street, the Jersey Shore and all of lower Manhattan. The World Trade Center area had been partially cleansed earlier due to the efforts of many individuals since 911 but Hurricane Sandy was needed for a more thorough raising of the energies resulting from human activities, particularly over the last 500 years. However, it did not have to be as severe as it was. There were other factors at work.

Hurricane Sandy also presented many individuals with opportunities to meet ourselves, to face the emotional residue from other challenging times, and to clear away our own blocks and negativity. Some of us were forced to let go of things we have been holding on to and to choose to accept this, or not. Others saw the chance to give things away to others who could make use of them and did so. Some of us found ourselves face to face with our own worst fears and many of us chose to stay in the "Eye of the Storm", riding it out with peace in our hearts, with varying degrees of personal loss, from great to none

All the positive choices we have made has not only contributed to raising our own individual energy levels and Mother Earth's but has also helped raise the collective consciousness of all who dwell on the Earth Star. We are all related. We are all one. What each of us does as an individual affects everyone, much like the ripples caused by stones thrown into still waters.


Earth is a fifth dimensional sentient being whose body energy has been lowered to three dimensional levels by the actions of humanity and others. Life on Earth is multi-dimensional. Many live on Earth at third dimensional levels, with some living below that and some at fourth, fifth and higher energy levels. There are many sub levels within third and fourth dimensions with some overlapping of higher third and lower fourth.

Those of us who regularly use our intuition, ESP, and/or meditate, recognize that thoughts are things, and are aware that we are more than our physical parts, are all experiencing at least fourth dimensional existence some of the time. Seeing sound as color, seeing without one's eyes, hearing unspoken thoughts, smelling the roses when none are present, and recognizing truth are also fourth dimensional experiences.

Third dimensional existence is based on illusions: separation, time and space, duality,  etc. Linear time is an illusion, developed so that our minds could better handle physical existence. Living in linear time also means linear space. It takes a specific amount of time to move a specific distance from point A to point B, traveling at a specific speed as measured in length per unit of time, such as 60 miles per hour, 100 meters in 10 seconds, etc., and which is usually regulated by someone other than our self. Time is measured in hours, minutes, and seconds. Space is measured in length, width and height. Time and Space make a trinity with Patience. Anything which can be measured is, in fact, illusional and often appears outside of our control. Reality, on the other hand, is not measurable.

In a fourth dimensional world, we are not limited by time and space, which is no longer linear but fluid without a sense of duration, Travel among the stars is a feasible possibility. We wish to be at a certain place and we take ourselves there using whatever means we prefer. The reality is that everything happens in the Now with all of our lives occurring simultaneously. Face to face communication with those without physical bodies is also natural. There is no negativity in fourth dimension. Intuition is used as much as logical processing. The oneness of all is recognized so the concept of separation is forgotten.

As we shift from third to fourth dimensional existence, time seems to be speeding up. However, in the fourth dimension, how long something lasts is not part of an experience. There is synchronization so that we can join with others for specific events.

Reacting to Changes

One of the major changes occurring now is in people's awareness, in what we notice and how we observe it.  With Earth’s rising energy level directly impacting us all, we are becoming more aware of things and events that were previously unnoticed, ignored. We are finding it easier to know when we are hearing truth versus when someone is telling us what they think we want to hear or what they wish be true.

This increasing ability to recognize truth is also resulting in the increasing publication of what some have been hiding for years, decades and even centuries. This may be a problem for some because the amount of information being revealed can be overwhelming and the conscious mind may need time to assimilate it. It may also be a problem because what's now revealed may be the opposite of what some have heretofore believed to be true and relied upon.

For those facing this situation, it's okay to be "crazy". Allow yourself the “luxury” of not judging yourself. We shouldn't anyway, but sometimes we do. When your mind says "I'm crazy", tell your mind "It's okay to be crazy."  Believe it and relax. Let go of any anxiety. In time, the mind will relax and become more accepting.    

Others may have the urge to "do something". This is also okay but should be approached carefully and thoughtfully. Tilting at windmills is not very productive. With a little thought, we can think of fair and equitable ways to deal with and correct the situations we are discovering.   

More on Reacting to Changes

As some of us are now seeing things more clearly and that certain things should have never happened, questions may come to mind. Some may ask "How could I be so blind?" Actually, it was easy. Forgive yourself and let it go. Some may query "Why is this happening to me?" Maybe you agreed to have this experience. Check the completed box and move on, thankful it doesn't need to be repeated..
A very important question is "What do we do now?" And that depends.

Some things we can do by ourselves by ourself. There may be something that we are really good at but have never shared with others. Now may be the time to do so. Maybe there is something we always wanted to do but there was always some reason not to. Now may be the opportunity. Perhaps we now have a desire to do something not previously considered. This may be the time to look into it. And maybe there is some action that we can take as an individual to correct a situation. This will benefit many.

There are some things, however, which may need to be done as a group, with others who are like minded. These situations require cooperation, diplomacy, mutual respect, prioritization, patience, fairness, even handedness, etc.  When one sees such a situation where the cooperation of others is necessary, look around for others who may also see that action is needed in this situation. Once a few people recognize each other, the situation can be examined by the group, with the pros and cons of possible actions considered, others recruited to participate, and when agreement is reached among the group, whatever actions have been decided on can be carried out by the group.

For instance, one may learn of high school students protesting their school's hostile environment toward gay students. About two dozen students are wearing t-shirts promoting improving relations through mutual respect and dialogue. The wearing of these t-shirts is forbidden by a school official under threat of suspension. The students then reach out for help via the internet.
There are several issues here. The students have identified a problem, lack of respect for and hostility to some students because of a single difference, and are taking steps to peacefully improve it. However, the reaction of another has brought several more issues to the surface, as well as discouraging any positive action.

If wearing message t-shirts is against previously stated school policy, the opportunity to show students alternative positive ways of achieving their goal is being ignored.  If there is no prior policy about wearing t-shirts and/or protesting in general, the negative reaction of the school official is discriminatory itself, as well as a violation of students' free speech. Furthermore, it gives students a negative message about respect, expressing opinions, speaking up when observing unfair or unjust situations, and having concern for the rights and feelings of others. School is supposed to be a safe place where students can learn these things. The expression and discussion, with even handed faculty guidance, of opinions, popular or unpopular, should certainly be encouraged, rather than discouraged, for the greater education of our children.     

An outsider's response to this situation should be incremental and positive. One can suggest, verbally or in writing, to the school official that negative reactions are usually fear based and that this situation presents an opportunity to be a positive role model for the students by respecting the students' opinions and showing them other positive ways to handle the situation. If this fails to elicit a beneficial response, contacting the next level of the school administration can be done, until a positive response is obtained. Communicating, incrementally, with the students themselves, the student council, and the parents are also options. Communication from several interested parties may be necessary to effect a change in the situation.
These communications should be merely suggestions as to the manner of proceeding with mutual respect and how to do so, such as modeling respect and a spirit of cooperation, rather than suggestions as to how to resolve the students' initial issue. The response needs to be diplomatic and non judgmental, unbiased and conciliatory, recognizing and respecting the positions and rights of all involved, with an awareness that discriminatory policies and actions forbidding the protesting of such policies are usually fear based and obstructive.
The objective here is to help the school officials allow the students to pursue solving the original issue that the students themselves raised in a manner which is beneficial to all. Of course, if one is then invited to assist the students by the students themselves, one is certainly free to do so.

Those who may question if the knowledge to do this is present to ourselves and others must remember that we have all the knowledge we need to face the situations we encounter. As our energy levels rise along with Earth's, our awareness of our abilities is also increasing.  

The real question is whether we are willing to proceed and to follow through. 

The primary question is whether we are willing to proceed and to follow through. 


We decide we wish to do something. Then we set about doing it. Often, this means learning and/or remembering how to do it, by trying it, by experiencing it, by being it.

Long, long ago, many of us decided we wish to have peace. "Peace on Earth" is a common wish. Some, however, decided to "fight" for peace. And we have discovered this gives us the opposite of peace. It has taken many a long time to realize that to have peace, we must first BE peaceful. And it has taken some many years to become aware of how to be peaceful.

We cannot be peaceful if we also choose doing things which interfere with being peaceful. So, we have had to figure out what is most important to us and to choose accordingly, to prioritize.

As we humans have learned to be peaceful, to live peacefully, we have found we also have to learn how to encourage others to be peaceful, for, to have a peaceful environment, all must choose to live this way. We do not all, however, see things the same way and certainly not at the same time. So we have also learned patience, respect, prudence, diplomacy, positive thinking, cooperation, kindness and tolerance, all of which help us to live peacefully with each other and in being peaceful.

Those who have become aware of how to live peacefully are daily impacting others whose lives we touch. At this juncture in Earth, the collective human consciousness has chosen peace and is rapidly overcoming the major stumbling block: fear. As humans become increasingly more peaceful, this has a ripple effect on those who share planet Earth with us, perhaps most noticeably among the four leggeds.   


Earth is a sentient being, known to many as Gaia, with a physical body we call Planet Earth.

Earth is originally fifth dimensional but the energy levels and actions of her inhabitants have, over time, greatly reduced the energy level of her physical body. By the 1930s, the making and dropping of the atomic bomb was foreseen and Gaia had had enough. She cried out for help and this cry is being answered by the Creator, God and beings from all over the Universe and beyond.

Earth is the original Garden of Eden which attracted those of the dark. The dark lives on fear which blocks the light. Those of the dark do not respect others nor the rights of others. They take advantage of others and encourage them to be in fear, for the dark must feed on negative energy in order to survive. The universal response to Gaia's call for help is the continuous sending of light to Earth since her request. This is a huge undertaking and impacts everything, especially in our area of the Universe. The physical energy levels of all touched by the light are being continuously raised unless there is a deliberate blocking such as by holding on to fear and negativity. There are those whose main occupation is assisting the light reach Earth by helping to concentrate it and refocusing it as it is being transmitted.

This light is not only raising Earth's physical energy levels, but also that of all her inhabitants, on land, in the seas and in the air, as well as her neighbors, the Sun, the Moon, the other planets and stars in our solar system, and beyond. It would raise the energy level of all humans on Earth but our free will is a factor. If we hold onto fear and fear based thoughts, emotions, and actions such as anger, greed, envy, despair, hate, violence, intolerance, war, etc., we are choosing to reject the light being directed toward us. As long as we keep ourselves in love, stay out of fear, stay in the "eye of the storm", we automatically accept this light and our physical energy levels rise daily, along with Earth's. These changes in physical energy levels may cause intermittent discomfort but this is temporary.

Those of us who continue to refuse to accept the light will not be able to remain with Earth as she passes completely into the fourth dimension and continues her journey into fifth. This is because our third dimensional bodies cannot be sustained in an energy environment which is not compatible. This does not mean we cease to exist, just that we cannot inhabit a living three dimensional physical vehicle on fourth dimensional Earth.

Light's Effects

Those of us who are accepting the light are daily changing physically. We may or may not be aware of this, and it is also affecting us emotionally and spiritually. One net result is it is becoming easier to do what we would really like to do. This is due, in part, to our increasing ability to recognize truth. It is also due to the leaving of the shadow riders, those who live in the dark, as they can no longer survive on Earth. Unfortunately, some are still with us but they must go. 

All who accept the light may remain with Earth but not all are choosing to do so. Many have already extended their time here, in order to help out, and will soon leave. Others are here for a limited time to do certain things and leave as soon as their tasks are completed. In this respect, Earth may be likened to a big store, or maybe a popular resort, where people come in for specific reasons and go back to where they come from when they've made their purchase or enjoyed their vacation.

We are not to mourn when our loved ones leave. We are to be glad for them. Yes, we miss them but they are still with us and they are continuing on their journey as they wish. They have stayed as long as planned, even if it's not as originally planned. You know we love to change our minds, Learning to communicate with those who have left the physical can help us in our realization that we are all indeed one.