Love Banishes Fear

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Becoming One


The Practical Aspects of the Incarnate Self Becoming One with Soul
We are One but does our consciousness know this?

Love Banishes Fear

The Practical Aspects of the Incarnate Self Becoming One with Soul

To become one with ourselves, we need to know ourselves. We humans are made up of many parts and, contrary to the opinions of some, we use most of them regularly. We begin to know ourselves by observing our actions and reactions and how we do this, which is with our mind.

The Mind

It is commonly accepted that the mind has three divisions: the conscious mind, the subconscious and the superconscious.

The subconscious filters the information which passes to the conscious mind in order to protect the conscious mind. The subconscious knows and stores everything that the incarnate human experiences. Our eyes see everything in our field of vision. Our ears hear every sound made in our presence. All that we smell and feel is also recorded. What we consciously notice, however, is up to Personality.

The superconscious mind connects us to each other and to the universal mind.

The mind is housed in the body and trained by the Personality. The mind is influenced by parents, relatives, teachers, friends, enemies, indeed, everyone we come in contact with, especially the "media". This may be beneficial because we are usually born without memory of any other existence and others help us remember what we need to know. There are those, however, particularly the shadow riders, who seek to mislead us and trip us up. And there are those who deliberately use radio, television, movies, the internet and various print media, as well as "entertainment" to cause us to act and react in specific ways, according to their own agendas, which may or may not be in our best interests. This is sometimes called advertising and/or "brain washing".

Personality can chose to listen to the intellect and/or ego, which are both parts of the mind, and/or listen to Soul. The intellect and the ego operate logically, based on what the conscious mind knows. The ego, originally designed to safeguard the mind, unfortunately has been targeted by those whose intentions are not in our best interests. Using the intellect is what is known as left brain processing. Intuitive or right brain processing utilizes the subconscious and the superconscious, as well as direct input from Soul.

Soul is not limited by what the Personality and the mind have learned but it must act through the Personality and the body while in mortal form. Therefore, a major objective of Soul is to become totally one with its incarnate self, the body and Personality it has chosen for this lifetime.

When a person is born, communication between Soul and Personality is unhindered. However, other influences, in time, may result in blocking the Personality from hearing Soul. This may lead to actions by Personality which are in opposition to Soul's purpose.

"Normal" mind chatter interferes with hearing Soul. One way to overcome this is through meditation. Meditation is sometimes described as listening. It is quieting the mind so that the Personality becomes aware and remembers that there is something else besides the mind. When one meditates, one connects with Soul. As this connection is strengthened over time, Soul and Personality become more closely aligned, as Personality chooses to do as Soul wishes. However, complete union takes place only when Personality decides that it wishes to do so. There is no need for Soul to make this decision for Soul loves the Personality and is always in union with it. 

The process of Soul and Personality becoming one begins with the Personality's willingness to do as Soul wishes. As the Personality follows the directives of Soul, the bond between Soul and Personality grows stronger. The mind relaxes and is able to safely expand exponentially as Personality consciously controls and changes the way the mind thinks. This results in expanded consciousness and spiritual growth. It may also lead to expanded physical capabilities.

Personality, however, is now not only learning new information and having new experiences, it is also usually unlearning negative habits which may have been acquired along the way. This involves looking at an experience, understanding why it has become part of the Personality, letting go of the emotional attachment and allowing a new pattern of thought and action to takes its place. Sometimes, once a person is aware, this happens easily. Sometimes, it takes a while. Sometimes, the Personality needs to relearn why it has a certain habit or does a certain action which of itself may be "good", but the reason it is done may be fear based. The Personality needs to recognize this and let go of the fear which may be being expressed as anger, hate, anxiety, hostility, etc. For example, one may hold the standard that one does not become romantically involved with a person already in a romantic relationship. However, if this is held out of fear of intimacy, it needs to be relearned. Once the fear is released, the reason for continuing the habit can then become grounded in love.

The process of Soul and Personality uniting as one is a process of letting go of fear and all that is fear based and becoming love. It also allows the Personality access to all the memory and knowledge of the Soul. Soul grows by experiencing. The conscious union of Personality with Soul enables Soul to more fully accomplish Soul's goals and Soul's purpose for incarnating as Personality is more aware of these and acts as a full partner.

To become one with ourselves, we need to know ourselves.

The Body

When Soul wishes to experience mortality, it creates the vehicle, the physical body. The mind is part of the body and houses the Personality, the intellect and the ego. Mind is the builder. What we pay attention to is what we manifest.  Personality is the decision maker and trains the mind. Intellect is the logical processor. Ego, created to protect the mind, has, however, been corrupted by the dark and sometimes does not function in our best interests.  

The physical body is a wondrous complex instrument. Comprised mostly of water, it is a chemical plant producing hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions daily, controlled by catalysts, such as hormones and vitamins. It is electromagnetic with an auric field constantly being modified by our thoughts and emotions. Dis-ease is a manifestation of how we think and feel. If we think we are well, we feel well and if we think we are sick, we feel sick. The body is dependent on the food we give it and how we take care of it to properly function and maintain itself.

Our genes carry our entire history, materially and spiritually. Our physical ancestry is recorded, as well as all the lives experienced by Soul. Our genes are modified by our decisions, conscious and otherwise, on a daily basis.  A significant portion of our genetic material serves as switches which are turned on and off, much like a light switch when we enter and leave a room. These switches control much of the chemical reactions taking place in the body.

Our brain responds not only to conscious thoughts but controls everything the body does. We do many things without thinking because the brain is monitoring all our thoughts, as well as our physical and emotional states, and the  environment. We are stimulated to breath, for instance, by the amount of carbon dioxide in our system. The body sees, hears, feels, tastes, and smells everything that comes into range whether we consciously notice it or not. This is the basis for attempts to influence us by subliminal messages.

The body responds to input before the mind is consciously aware of it. As an emergency responder, for example, I would wake up as I exited the front door of my house, fully dressed, when answering a call in the middle of the night. No, I did not sleep in my clothes.  

Thoughts and Change

The mind is very important in achieving our destiny. Thoughts are things. What we choose to think about shows up in our daily life. The way we think about things determines how they show up. If, for instance, we think [worry] about being in a car accident, we are much more likely to see this happen than if we simply remind ourself to drive safely. If we concentrate on "fighting" cancer, we are much more likely to experience cancer than if we focus on being and keeping ourself well. "Fighting" anything focuses energy on it and makes it much more likely to occur.

We should, instead, focus on what we wish to happen and watch it manifest in our life. When we decide that we don't like a certain condition, we can think about what we wish to replace it. For example, if we desire peace, we do not "fight" for it but rather "be" peaceful, that is, live peacefully, cooperating with our family and neighbors. If there is a storm predicted and we focus on the possible devastation, we are more likely to experience it then if we "stay in the eye of the storm" and wait for it to pass without concern. If we see a condition that needs to be changed, actively promoting the change we desire is much more beneficial than "protesting" the condition, Protesting can be useful in making others aware but it should be seen as only a tool in the effort to change.

To institute change, we can figure out what steps will bring about the desired outcome. Or, we can simply change ourself and watch the effect this has on others, for as we change, others with whom we interact now find their experience is changing. They may, or may not, change their own actions. For instance, suppose we usually respond negatively when an acquaintance makes a certain remark. If we now change this pattern by responding differently, this interrupts the habitual flow and the other person cannot proceed with their usual response. Our experience is changed.

To train the mind, the Personality needs to observe itself in action. By stepping aside and watching ourself go by, we can see ourself as we are and see what we wish to change in ourself. By controlling our conscious thoughts, we can focus our energy on what we wish to achieve. And we can train the mind to listen to Soul, as well as to the intellect. The heart is the seat of Soul so we sometimes refer to this as listening to our heart.     .

Becoming One with Each Other

Becoming one with ourself makes it much easier to be one with another.

Why do we wish to be one with each other? As we increasingly realize that we are all connected, that everything each of us does affects us all, we are more inclined to act in a manner that benefits us all, as well as Mother Earth who has been so gracious to host us on our journey. We are more likely to work together in facing the challenges we each have set up for ourselves and the challenges presented to us by those who oppose the Light.

The Stumbling Block: Fear

One of these challenges is negative energy we generate by our fears and which has been generated by fear based actions throughout humankind’s history. In these last days of our third dimensional experience, we must work together to remove the last vestiges of negative energy from Earth for  negativity cannot come along as Earth transitions to fourth dimension at the end of 2012. Knowing we are all connected helps us let go of all fear and fear based thoughts, actions and reactions, such as anger, hate, violence, war, etc. 

We need to be aware when we are afraid. Fear is a normal reaction to certain happenings. As we recognize it, however, we must remember that nothing happens to us unless we allow it [Principle of Free Will]. We can choose to release fear, and select a more beneficial reaction such as forgiveness, understanding, love, gratitude for blessings, passionate detachment, etc.

Letting go of fear is essential to the success of our journey because fear blocks our absorption of the Light. It is the increasing absorption of Light that is enabling us to transition with Earth into fourth dimension. The absorption of Light raises our energy levels and increases our ability to see truth, to see our self and each other as we truly are. Knowing that "like attracts like", by staying out of fear we avoid attracting negative experiences that are not part of our path.    

As we see ourselves clearer and understand ourselves better, we become more in union with ourselves, and vice versa. Our mind learns that it is not alone in enabling the Personality to become all that we can be and that we can afford to listen to our heart. Heart is the seat of Soul and Soul has knowing and wisdom independent of the material world we are now experiencing. Listening to our hearts leads to union with Soul and the fulfillment of our destiny.

It is only in knowing ourselves to be ourselves that we come to know others more fully. Seeing individuality as an obstacle to oneness is another stumbling block. Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, It is our differences which enable us to more fully see ourselves and each other as we truly are and therefore see that we are indeed one, for we are all parts of the Creator and separation is but an illusion.